What People Say

When we listed our business with you we were very apprehensive about how disruptive this process would be to our business. You were calm, professional, and extremely careful with our privacy. Not only did we get the full dollar amount that we listed our business for, we were very pleased with your professionalism. Thank you!!!!!!!!

David and Amy Best

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How We Work

If based upon our initial conversation we believe that one or more of our clients would be interested in making an investment in or acquiring your company, we will send you a non-disclosure agreement to protect the extremely confidential nature of the information you are providing from any disclosure that you don’t authorize.

We would ask you for the last several years of financial statements and for other information related to the business. We would then provide you with a preliminary assessment of roughly how much the company is worth and would confirm that we are generally in agreement.

After discreetly approaching a small, select group of our clients, we will contact you with the name(s) of interested clients. If you approve the release of financial and other information to that client, we will arrange for them to send you a separate non-disclosure agreement, for your protection. After they have reviewed the information, we would schedule an initial call between you and the client. After that, you would be welcomed to deal directly with our client.

Unlike the process of hiring a business broker, investment bank or other “sell-side” intermediary, you will never be asked to sign a listing agreement or to pay fees of any type. You will be free to work with us for as long as like. There are no commitments of any kind.